Intro - My RC10 Runner Project

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Intro - My RC10 Runner Project

Post by LJPete »

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say hi and ask a quick question. After scouring the internet, I found a car that was virtually (Spec wise) identical to the car I had in high school. It may not be the most desirable (Cadillac A Stamp) but it was the one version I had built when I was a kid. My goal is to get a runner that I can enjoy at the local park and in the yard. Nothing super fast, NIMH brushed power will be fine. I also thought on occasion I might vintage race it for giggles. No expectations on winning, just have fun with it.

Anyway, after reading on here, I learned that I need to give the nylon parts a bath so I tore the whole car down and the bits are now in the bath. I pray I can get the car back together and can remember where all of the screws go. LOL

Anyway, an extended question on the bath, do you guys give the gears in the gear box and the spur gear a bath too?

Let me know and thanks in advance,


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Re: Intro - My RC10 Runner Project

Post by juicedcoupe »

I haven't really thought about it.

All of my runners get new 48P spur gears, so that has never been a question. 48P makes getting the gear ratio correct so much easier.

As long as you don't boil and warp them, I can only see it helping them.

If your idle gears are the early white ones, I'd highly recommend replacing them with the newer black ones. The newer material is much better.
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Re: Intro - My RC10 Runner Project

Post by morrisey0 »

I throw all of the plastic and fiberglass bits into a gallon bag, fill 2/3 or so with hot water and a little Dawn. Place bag in a casserole dish in case the bag leaks. Change out the soapy water every now and then, and do this for 2-3 days. Hydrates the nylon, and gets the cleaning process started for everything. After 2-3 days, pull the parts one by one going off on each part with stiff nylon brush, toothbrush, and pipe cleaners. If you have access to a ultrasonic cleaner, then run the parts through that. Then starts the whitening or dyeing process if applicable. That is how I go about it at least.
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Re: Intro - My RC10 Runner Project

Post by Dadio »

If you plan on using the gears then yes soak them , I forgot to do it on an SG Coyote main gear and after a few runs the gear teeth didn't just strip , they turned to powder !
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