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Brushless, lipo, spectrum, etc...

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by shodog »

I have tons of radios I use.


Futaba Magnum FP-T2PD
Futaba Magnum T3PG
Futaba Magnum T3PK
Futaba Magnum Jr
Futaba Magnum Sport

My newest radios are some of the spektrum's


I want to get more of these receivers that way I can get rid a bunch of my transmitters.

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by stulec52 »

I run a KO Esprit 2 stick radio
27 fm, with a weird frequency that I haven't ever had a problem with.
And picked up loads of Novak and LRP receivers cheap to work with it !

Great because it's simple, and at the same time has loads of adjustments.

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by badhoopty »

i got a spektrum 2.0 and 3.0, an older magnum t3pdf, a couple older older magnum am fp-t2pd's (for my gas trucks lol...), and a nomadio react.

the nomadio is pretty nice, especially the rc desktop feature. although i dont have alot of faith in future product support or development.

i also like the spektrums quite a bit. not alot of advanced features on the versions i have, but they're pretty solid so-far.

i hear really good things about the dx3r.

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Re: Controller Discussion


my first radio splurge getting back into the hobby a couple years ago was a airtronics 3ps- which sadly stopped working... the display no longer shows, which i heard is something with the internal battery.... :x

After that i got heavy into the analog version- the cx2p... and i have a collection going of those two.

but now im on a CS2P trip, the fm version of the xl2p! and its jumping off soon- i just got my first one in a trade, cant wait for it to get here! Tbfoto sent me the pdf file of the cs2p manual and thats what started the itch. :lol:

ahhh this thread... look what i just did :P

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by PBR Allstar »

I had somone give me a JR XS3 a while back, I dug it so I started hunting for a couple extra jr synthisized receivers now I have almost enough synth receivers to outfit my fleet with is pretty nice, granted, it's no spektrum, but I have about 180 bucks in buying used JR stuff and have 8 synthesized 61-90 receivers and two XS3 Radios, all in great shape. Guess everyone wants 2.4 stuff cause there's a lot of nice 75mhz stuff used for cheap everywhere you look!

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by MOmo »

I wouldn't mind a CX2P if I can get my hands on an FM version, despite that I have mainly Fut. Ive always liked that controller. Esp. since Vintage racing is making a comeback at my local track. It would be cool to try and stay period correct!

Had a buddy that had a Fut. wheel controller. Wish i could get my hands on one of those too!


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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by wyldbill »

i've always used a magnum junior or a 2pd am they both have been modified and slightly tweeked is some way. i just picked up a 3pjs on ebay a few months ago for 30 bucks! i have fixed a few 3pj's and i always wanted one so i couldnt pass it up works great, it came with a fm module and a chrome tekin reciever,woo hoo. i printed out the manual at work, good thing i did holy s**t what a book. damn thing would have eaten up all my paper and ink. im gonna use crystals until i figure out how to use it then i'll drop in a 2.4mhz module.

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by justinspeed79 »

For bashing...

Spektrum DX3- (eats servos for some very wierd reason that nobody seams to know about... and according to Horizon is impossible..., yet it happens with both receivers I have. Anyone want to buy it, cheap, lol....

Futaba FP-T2PD- One of my favorite radios. I wish they would put the strap on newer radios...

Futaba T2PCKA- Works great, not much else to say about it.

AE XP-2- Works great, not much else to say about it.

A bunch of other TX's that never get used.

For racing it has to be the all-mighty 3PKS. PCM for now, soon to be FASSTized.

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by Tim W. »

For racing I use a M11 Prestige, Its the best feeling transmitter I have had. I liked my old M8 but it didnt have enough model memory :lol:
Vintage rides: Worlds car, RC10T, RC10GT, XX, Rally Weapon
Current rides: B5M CE, T5M, SC5, MBX7, MBX6-T, 8IGHT 2.0, K1

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Re: Controller Discussion

Post by GJW »

have to stick to my roots::

jr beat 2,beat 202
acoms techniplus
sanwa dash

STILL have::

futaba attack jr beat 2
cox sanwa cadet ko ex5
magnum sport plus ive owned a mars and a helios
magnum junior
jr 4wd

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