Airbrushing/masking questions

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Re: Airbrushing/masking questions

Post by Coelacanth »

slapshot1979 wrote:It does say spray from bottle but it never sprays right for me I tried different tips and pressure and although it will work for large areas, but for smaller stuff it wont. I will have to try I guess.
You haven't mentioned what tips you're using...that would possibly make a big difference, especially if you were spraying metallics or pearls, which would require a larger tip...I'm no expert with airbrushing, but that's an important part of the equation. I sprayed some FasGlitter with the FasKoat and I believe I used a 0.5mm tip with that.
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Re: Airbrushing/masking questions

Post by slapshot1979 »

whoops I goofed the fascolor does not say spray from bottle I was thinking of a different bottle. I can get my way most of this stuff, i was just curious about what to reduce with which seems to be windex/water . Ill do some soon and see how it go's
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Re: Airbrushing/masking questions

Post by klavy69 »

it might not say spray from the bottle but I do. Badger makes a cap/fitting/adaptor to fit it right to the bottle. I've been sold on this for awhile but alot of guys don't like the bottom feed guns. The gravity gun is a pretty popular type of gun but for me the ease of cleanup works best with the bottle adaptor. It was a lot of trial and error for me too so good luck with what you do.


p.s. I've used distilled water to thin also...don't know if its better or not...
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Re: Airbrushing/masking questions

Post by Jayar »

As far as preventing paint from creeping under your tape I have found that burnishing the outer edge of the tape with an object as hard as your finger nail.
All you have to do is after youve applied your tape, rub along the edge with your thumbnail or if you cant get to an area use a piece of plastic about the same strength as your nail.
Don't scratch it, rub it. it's called burnishing.

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