RC10 graphite stock turnbuckle question?

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RC10 graphite stock turnbuckle question?

Post by jfharper »

Trying to replace a broken ball cup. Looks like I can use the RPM Heavy duty ball cup (#73372) that fits my 0.168" ball, but I was wondering what turnbuckle this fits. I have both original steel and titanium turnbuckles I bought back in 1990. The steel measure ~2.74mm width of the thread, the titanium ~2.70 width of thread.

Anyone know if the RPM heavy duty ball cup fit these turnbuckles?

I've read elsewhere that these ball cups can be made to fit 3.5mm turnbuckles if threaded with force, or reamed out with a drill bit to size, but I don't want to buy new 3.5mm turnbuckles.

Can someone assist...thanks.

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Re: RC10 graphite stock turnbuckle question?

Post by 85Edinger »

Those ball ends fit my late Edinger's threaded rods perfectly, and I think they are the same pitch. Also, I beleive the kit stock ball ends are the same between the two.
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