My first Lunch Box!

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Brandon G
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My first Lunch Box!

Post by Brandon G »

Bought the kit from Extreme Hobby Shop in Spring Hill, TN. If you're in the Nashville area, stop on by and say hello to Matthew, the shop owner!

I've been aiming to get a Lunch Box for a while now, saw the new black edition and really dug the look of it so...

It was built with black Tamiya CVA's, with the 3rd shock as well. Full ball bearings, Tamiya Sport tuned motor. The paint was done by a friend of mine in a black base/clear automotive paint. It was a fun and quick build, most of the time spent finishing the body, which is typical for most Tamiya kits. Still have a few things left like painting the front turn signal lights and taillights. Hope you like it!

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Re: My first Lunch Box!

Post by Lonestar »

Looks good in "stealth" colors :)

If you're going to run it - can I recommend you simply bin the atrocity that bolts on the steering servo and buy a KP instead?

Other than that - with oil shocks, the chassis beneficiates from a couple of reinforcing turnbuckles like these
(didn't want to post the big pix)



Alloy body mounts really help too if you don't want to be stocked up on almost-complete chrome parts tree after a few packs :P

Enjoy the VLB - funniest car to drive ever... My avatar tells you how much I love them!

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Re: My first Lunch Box!

Post by stickboy007 »

I always thought this would be the perfect platform to do an old rusty paint scheme on the body with a "free candy" sticker on either side. My mind goes to warped places sometimes...

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Re: My first Lunch Box!

Post by integra22t »

do they still offer the chrome cassy kit of it .. had it back in the 90's

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Re: My first Lunch Box!

Post by shodog »

If you plan to run it, get a lexan body and keep that pretty hard body for the shelf. Otherwise it's going to get hammered

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Re: My first Lunch Box!

Post by cdnclodbuster »

Very nice similar in mods to my 2 lunchboxes. Very smooth paint job not like mine. :lol:

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