My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

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My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by flustorm99 »

Hi been reading and looking at a lot of the posts here in the Yokomo forum, seen a lot of nice cars, a lot of new ideas, a lot of good ideas for restoration and have picked up a heap of tricks you guys have learnt and mastered over the years (thanks!!)

I am a bit of a novice and have no where near the experience you guys have but have enjoyed working out what i have, realising what I have isnt what I thought I had and going from there...which means rebuilding my cars a few times!

So the first Yoke I had and bought about 24 years ago is a YZ870c, I took it out of the box after 20 years (stupid me forgot to take the batteries out but luckily there was no damage) and what you see it pretty much what I packed away all those years ago...I did give it a bit of a clean but didn't really over haul it (but I will ) and only really run it on the road.

Bought a new shell and undertray from TBG and was slightly pissed that it didn't quite fit that well...

SO out of the box after a quick clean came this...( I did buy a new motor mount but the fit was a little too tight for this car so I whacked it a different one)...a little bit of glue on the chassis which I managed to get of later..(after I learnt how from you guys)
and this was the original shell and wing...which I had tried to get the paint off for obvious reasons...!
excuse the hinge pin it was the only spare I had after the original was bent...+ it was for a pavidis ( I know now) and didn't know it would be too long then as I new nothing about the cars...
Then with the new shell and some new JC racing wheels (thanks to listening to one of stickboy007's vids..) it looked like this
and now with a coat of paint (again inspired by stickboy...sorry :shock: at this point I didn't know this site existed ) and original wheels again
and with the JC wheels...only for show as I use some standard 2inch wheels with road tyres on it for running...
but wait theres more...I was going to show a sneak preview of what else I have to show but reached the pic limit..anyway till next post...


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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by stickboy007 »

Nice and clean, which is more than I can say about my runner...

Your yellow/green seems to have gone on better than mine, but you gotta make those flames bigger ;)

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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by hondaman »

Very nice.. it came out pretty good.. I'm a sucker for a nice 870c..


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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by Coelacanth »

I agree with stickboy on the flames...and that's a nice, clean car. I think I'd have after-images burned into my retina looking at that go around the track for 5 minutes, though. :shock: :mrgreen:
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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by flustorm99 »

Bahahaha...yeah true but thats what they were like in the 80's..bright and in your face...i use to have boadies that were the same! Embarrassing period...

Yeah the fluoro went on well and seems to have stuck really well to the lexon, but i didnt really know about the white backing to bring out the color so there are alot of coats! Also with the flames, there too i had no idea how to do them but looking at the paint forum on here i do now and with some good advice from stickboy007 so thanks and the next one WILL have bigger flames i promise....if i do flames that is.

I have more so stay tuned!

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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by rccars4sal »

Very nice resto. I like the wheels,, where are they available from? As for the tbg body and tray,, are they really a bad fit? Any other options for bodies? I dont want to spend any kind of $$ on a body that dosent fit. Why dosent the tbg guy look at these forums and try to improve his product? I dont have one,, but all I have read is bad about the tbg bodies.

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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by _timmy_ »

@rccars4sal - wheels are from jcracingproducts in the uk, 5 spoke, 6 spoke and dished available in black, white or yellow (they also do the dished in pink)

@flustorm - now thats a proper paint scheme! Maybe just a little more pink on the next one....

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Re: My Yokomo story.....Yokomo no 1..870c

Post by flustorm99 »

Yep wheels and tyres are as timmy says from JC racing products...nice people. Plus they
are 2.2 inch and fairly deep dish so more suited to the works models and above. I have these on another fairly hopped up yz with the longer Andys front arms and axles and a bit of trial end error with the wheel hubs to try and keep some width in the car...
As for the body, well its only been the 870c shell and under tray i have had issues with, just was a bummer it didnt fir nicely, a bit if velcro and some manipulation u can squeeze it on there...:) (i did tell tbg and sent pics, they said some shells shrink and gave me a better deal on the next ones) the other works shells seem better and i do like the look of those .. Plus u get more room to move under the shell and if you are putting lipo's etc in the car you dont need to use l connectors for the batteries etc to make it fit ok. The 870c and early yz10 shell make things a tight fit...if your not into having the car being too authentic maybe try the other shells and undertrays? Or there are some people on here who do thier version which fits better...

I have the original shell which i am trying to get the paint off so i can reuse that but its taking its sweet time.....

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