My original CAT XL - freshly uncovered

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Re: My original CAT XL - freshly uncovered

Post by dinglem » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:15 am

I used to run this car mainly on carpet too BITD, and the guy I sold it to had some major, high-level success indoors with it afterwards as well. It has been fairly well modified so I might just tidy it, return it to my colour scheme and leave it as a carpet/Tarmac racer. I don't think the carpet clubs of today run foams however.

I think the cf chassis could be Trinity, yes, or at least that is what I have been told. Got pics of yours?

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Re: My original CAT XL - freshly uncovered

Post by XLR8 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:21 am

I've never actually ran a buggy on a carpet track. I used to run carpet oval mostly with a NASCAR or TOJ bodied RC10L up until about '94 when I left RC. I designed a four-link pan-car and had a fair bit of success with it as well. I recall traveling to St. Louis with a group of other racers to a large indoor track that had a carpet oval on one side and a carpet off-road on the other. I think it was in an old department store. There was a guy on that day running off-road with an XLS on foams. He was incredibly fast and would totally clear the table top. I can still hear the clap from the car bottoming out on that hard concrete floor. Impressive for certain but the sound made me cringe. Anyway, I've attached a few images of my old XLS. I took these a year or two ago just after I pulled it from storage, cleaned it up, added a new wing and some NOS Losi X pattern tires. In addition to the CF plate parts, the belt covers are scratch made as well. I really like making my own parts when I can. Among the few XLS spares, I discovered that I still have a SWB body, under tray, chassis plates, belt cover, and gray bumper (which I'm reading is kinda rare). It would be cool to be able to scrap together enough parts to build the SWB - just so I can experience again how difficult that car is to drive. haha
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