My first Schumacher Refurb - CAT XLS

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My first Schumacher Refurb - CAT XLS

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Just got this in the mail today. Real excited to get it cleaned up. It's my first Schumacher tear down & rebuild.

Purchased from original owner who ran it around 6-7 times and then put it in a box for 20 something years. Other than some vintage looks to be in great shape. Under-tray is barely scratched. I don't see any gouges or wear to any of the chassis.

I plan to do some research of other posts but I welcome your points, suggestions, tricks if you think it would be helpful. (IE "Don't try to.....because you'll never back together!!!!)

Appreciate it if you notice anything unique along the way. New here and to CAT rebuilds so I have much to learn.

I'll continue to post pics as I make progress....

Thanks for looking!

2011-10-01 at 18-39-29.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-39-16.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-38-56.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-38-46.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-38-36.jpg

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Re: My first Schumacher Refurb - CAT XLS

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Few more pics of the untouched classic.
2011-10-01 at 18-37-17.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-36-54.jpg
2011-10-01 at 18-38-04.jpg

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Re: My first Schumacher Refurb - CAT XLS

Post by Bormac »

Congrats on landing yourself a very nice XLS. There are plenty of folks here who know a lot about these old Schueys and Im sure most will lend you a hand with advice and even parts should something not be in place.

Great old example, looks in very good condition too.

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Re: My first Schumacher Refurb - CAT XLS

Post by uzzi »

Hi there,

Good job in getting the XLS...looks to be in very good shape. So what are your plans for it....shelf queen or runner?

She appears to have the following non Schumacher parts,
Buds wing and mount
TRC drum diff and top pulley
Associated? spring clamp at the front (std are spacers)
Front end is held together by nuts and bolts as opposed to 8 screws (prob a good idea to use countersunk screws from the bottom)
Cable tie holding the crash back system

Its also missing the front anti roll bar.....hope this has helped as far :D

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