Worlds Car indoor clay track set up help.....

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Worlds Car indoor clay track set up help.....

Post by NickTheGreek »

I'm gonna hit the track for the first time on Saturday n get some practice laps in....

It's a tight indoor clay track...

A brother is takin' out the sidewinder/5700kv n gonna go with a tekin gen2/17.5 combo that's been collecting dust......
I might retire it from bashing, (last night she took some abuse with the 5700 n 3s) n make it my dedicated race car.

Any advice as far as shocks in general (being that I'm about to re build them) and just a general setup...


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Re: Worlds Car indoor clay track set up help.....

Post by DMAT »

Id go with the base setup associated has

not sure if i was running indoor clay, but it was indoor and dirt so?? but either way tire wise, green/gold compound small pin type tires like the Double D was what was recommended to me.

I think seabass would know exactly what it is.

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Re: Worlds Car indoor clay track set up help.....

Post by Seabass »

Build your car exactly how the manual states and you will have a decent starting point. From there you may need to make some changes at the track depending how your car reacts.

Tires are really hit or miss. Best thing to do is ask when you get there, people will generally let you know what is working.

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