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Post by lmw94002 »

Trying to get back into the game, but I have so many hobbies that I don't have time for with a toddler at home... I haven't raced or even played around that much in probably 12 years. Part of the reason I went into Mechanical Engineering in college was my love of building and designing things, understanding how things worked, and trying to make them better.

The vintage aluminum tub RC10s have always been a great memory... From my original RC10CE 6gear to my factory anodized blue aluminum team car build, to the first RC10T, to the original worlds car I raced. Unfortunately all I have left is the original Worlds car. Been an Associated guy from the beginning... I seem to have skipped the odd numbers because I built a B3 or B5.

Looking to get back into fun and even some casual racing. This whole LiPo / Brushless revolution happened while I was gone and it's crazy. No more motor tuning huh?

As for projects, I've picked up a few DS cars and misc parts and look forward to building a nice shelf queen as well as a usable fun car. I also have several kits to build (B6, B6D, Worlds ReRe). Also looking to indulge some of the other tinkering/hobbies in RC applications like anodizing and some simple manufacturing (rebuild my 3d printer and build a small CNC).

One of the rarest things I think I have... A Superior Racing Spectre Left-Side drive flat track pan car... I've literally only seen two in my life and I own one!

Of course with all these desires and so little time... Did I mention my adorable little girl I can't say no to? Oh, and a huge ToDo list on the new house... Just wanted to say stumbling back into this forum has gotten me all excited again to stay up to the wee hours when everyone is asleep trying to plan my projects.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Jimbo302 »


Yeah, the LIPO Brushless thing was a surprise to me as well. It is definitely different, and quite an improvement.

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Re: Introduction

Post by howaboutme »


I just returned (sort of) from a 30 year hiatus...with many false starts back to this hobby the last few years. My younger one is finally to an age where I can not feel "too" bad when I suggest I want to do something for myself. I can't imagine being in any hobby with very young kids. I tried and got into reefing (reef fish tanks) but couldn't keep that up because of all other commitments. At least w/ this hobby, you actually don't have to do anything if you don't have time. Good luck! I am almost done w/ my Tamiya Hotshot Re-re and just picked up the RC10 World's to work on next....unless I get another Tamiya. :lol:
- Jack

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