The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

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The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by Lonestar »

I believe there isn't one yet... It's also going to liven rc10talk a bit and take some attention away from scr8p's stupidly desirable replicas :lol:

so let's post our mini-4wd... but only if they are miniaturized versions of our beloved RC Cars !

Here are mine, with some period-matching dust sometimes :lol:

My first one, the Hornet... my parents bought it to me when I was 9 or 10, I guess!
Same with my good old boomerang from my childhood :)
And the last one, my favourite car at the time, the Marui Ninja!
I remember I used to take tires off off them then run them in the apartment's corridor straight on the tiles, with the flexible bumpers they would bounce endlessly from wall to wall. It was good fun and was driving my mom mad :lol:

then a couple of years ago I bought this MB from my daughter, and the BlackFoot for my son later - good way to get them acquainted to building easy stuff when they're 6 or 7, and good father/son/daughter activity. My son's now building his first 10th scale RC cars (TT02 - with a bit of help from Dad) and my daughter couldn't care less any more :roll:
Now - post yours :)
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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by sandkil »

I actually have a Lunch box on the way.
Hade Lunch box and a big foot way back when and figured it was time for a new one.

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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by RC10th »

I've got a Tamiya Egress Jr. here somewhere. I had a quick look for it but couldn't find it as most of my stuff is packed away.
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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by Saito »

Great looking Mini 4wds! I have a ton of the early ones. In fact, my first Tamiya product was a Monster Beetle Jr. I agree, they're great father/daughter projects. My little girl always loved my Lunch Box, and her eyes lit up when I got her the Jr version for her birthday one year.

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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by Incredible_Serious »

I've had a few over the years... a Boomerang back in the day, and now in my collection I have a way upgraded Aero Manta Ray, a Kyosho Turbo Rocky (by Metro!), Tamiya Thundershot and Toyota Rav4, and an unbranded Ford Escort Cosworth. Been sitting in my Trade room at TamiyaClub for nearly three years... so I think eBay is calling on them!


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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by R Cane »

Here's the Lunchbox I just received yesterday, finished the assembly.
I got this from Goodwill... it's always a mystery when you find things that have been donated, but are in like new condition...
So, it became obvious why this one was donated while I was completing it. Whomever partially built it to begin with had put the motor in upside down, and had one of the copper battery contacts in wrong, so there was no way it was going to run. I'm sure they just thought "this piece of junk doesn't work", and threw it back in the box where it sat for the last 20 years before it was tossed in a donation bin. :D
Works for me.
Oh, and yes, I know the one tire is backwards, I just forgot to flip that when I did the assembly... easy fix.

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Re: The RC-Mini 4wd thread!

Post by RC10th »

Found the Egress.....
I was old school - when old school wasn't cool !

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