Completed JConcepts BJ4 Worlds Edition 2005 IFMAR Champion Buggy

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Completed JConcepts BJ4 Worlds Edition 2005 IFMAR Champion Buggy

Post by TokyoProf »

The BJ4 Jconcepts design debuted at the 2003 IFMAR Worlds making it 20 years already---dang time flies. It finally won in 2005!
I got around to finishing the BJ4 shown here. This is a BJ4 Worlds Edition with additional blue aluminum hardware and yellow aftermarket rims. I chose to use the white JConcepts ballcup connectors available for this buggy at the time. To match the white, I installed Tamiya white springs. Light, stiff, and very free-running design.

The BJ4 reinvigorated the 4WD class given its RC racing achievements and was the basis for the successful B44 chassis. According to Jason Ruona, the platform won four world championships and is the most dominant vehicle in the 4WD class. I'm curious to know how many BJ4 Worlds Kits were made and sold. My nephew, who isn't into RC said this looked "sick" so here is a quick post for ya'll. I would like to find some BJ4 stickers to attach to the wing if they can be found.
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Re: Completed JConcepts BJ4 Worlds Edition 2005 IFMAR Champion Buggy

Post by Frankentruck »

TokyoProf wrote: Mon May 01, 2023 3:07 am My nephew, who isn't into RC said this looked "sick"
It looks awesomely healthy to me 😁

Thanks for posting it! You can't leave this with only the one photo. That beautifully painted body shell needs to ge removed for a few top and bottom shots. You know you want to....
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