Really off topic - End of an Era

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Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by limestang »

I found out Honda will no longer be making lawn mowers. Emission restrictions and higher profit products drove the decision. They stopped production last September, so selling off inventory now. I kept my first Honda mower for 30 years, and it ran like new when I sold it. The hydrostatic transmission made mowing a pleasure (as much as mowing can). Hate to see this great product end. If you’re in the market for a mower, consider the HRX217HYA.

- limestang
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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by juicedcoupe »

I just keep buying broken mowers from Lowe's and putting my Honda motor on them.

They probably don't need much but that Honda doesn't need anything.
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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by Lowgear »

We had a Honda push mower for a while that my father bought from a closing restaurant, and I remember how pleased he was with it. It looked similar to the one in your pic which leads me to believe they never really changed them aesthetically as this was going back probably 20 years. After a number of years of faithful service, I think the deck started rusting badly on it. It was then replaced with a brand new Lawn-Boy. He always bought used mowers, so I think that was the first new mower he ever owned. :lol: I'll have to let him know this about Honda.

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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by TRX-1-3 »

Let's hope they keep producing their generators for use during the coming apocalypse. :lol:
Hope you're doin' something fun.

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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by XLR8 »

I've been a Honda fan since my first motorcycle when I was about 10 years old - an XL70 - and I've been riding Honda's ever since. Today, the collection includes a couple early CB750's a CBX (6 cylinder, 24 valves) and a VFR (V-four, fuel injection) and each bike is a marvel of engineering.

My daily driver is an '03 Civic. It has roughly 200k miles but still runs perfectly and gets 31mpg under the worst conditions.

My grandpa used a Honda push mower all the way back in the 1980's. After he passed, it went to my dad and I had the opportunity to use it a time or two. The quality of that mower was superb. I'm sure Honda's competitors are very happy now.

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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by oldstuffrules »

This year I was gifted an older Honda push mower that needed a tiny bit of love... After a thorough cleaning, oil change, new carburetor and set of replacement blades it runs and cuts beautifully.

It starts on the first pull every time and is the nicest running mower I've ever had!

It's a shame they'll no longer be available. :(
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Re: Really off topic - End of an Era

Post by mikea96 »

This hr215 is just like mine. Purchased around 1990 and still works like new. Blades sharpened every winter along with oil change.

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