Javelin or Schumacher Cat XLS re re?

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Re: Javelin or Schumacher Cat XLS re re?

Post by stickboy007 »

Crestwood23 wrote: Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:14 am
stickboy007 wrote: Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:27 pm The CAT XLS is a better racer, but will certainly require more attention to detail and more finesse when driving it. Schumacher's jankiness makes AE look quality by comparison ;) The Javelin can also be very fast, especially on low grip tracks, but you may find it is not quite as adjustable.

- For the money, you're better off finding a CAT 2000, restoring it, and getting a few spares. Both the 2000 and 2000 EC are quite good on the track, and easier to work on than the XLS.
- If money is no object, get a '95 YZ10 and a repro '97 upper deck with the YR4 M2 center spring unit. Much stronger than a CAT and just as fast, although the front is not quite as adjustable.
- A great middle ground would be a Lazer ZXR. Not nearly as expensive as the Yokomos, but almost as strong. As adjustable as the CAT, and the sharpest handling in any 4wd buggy I've driven. Needs some work to get it to jump well, but it's possible.

I assume you're not quite looking for digging up vintage cars, though, and are more interested in building a re-re. In that case, you're probably better off with a Top Force than either of the Javelin or XLS. Putting the diff spline issues and lack of slipper clutch aside, they're dynamically very good and parts are plentiful. Just don't put a crazy motor in it and you'll be fine.
Thanks for the suggestions - No doubt your recos are better performing cars - but anything after 1990 is just not retro enough for me :D

My first and only RC car is/was a Tamiya Porsche 959, given to me for my 12th birthday by my generous parents in 1987. I was torn between that, a BigWig, a Javelin or a Schumacher Cat. Went with the 959 as I thought it would be the easiest build for a beginner. My best friend got an RC10 which I though was cool but didn’t want to have the same car he had LOL.

So this is really about getting a car I couldn’t have back in the day - I remember drooling over the Javelin and Schumacher boxes - but ultimately leaving with the 959.

I have since restored the 959 and my son and I have had so much fun with it that I want to take the next step. I want to move away from all the plastic Tamiya parts and try something more durable and fast, with a real racing pedigree.

I see, so in that case I think you'd have more fun with the Javelin. It's a stronger car for fooling around with, and in my view it looks way cooler than the XLS.

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Re: Javelin or Schumacher Cat XLS re re?

Post by Coelacanth »

I'd like to own the CAT re-re, but my answer would still be the Javelin...regardless of criteria. 8)
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