A new body design

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A new body design

Post by nopreprod »

I am currently working on a new 1/10 scale body design. I have it all molded in clay. I will be getting a hard copy soon. Who do I need to speak to to get a body vacuum formed from my design? Next question, will I have to do this in a 2 piece design?
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Re: A new body design

Post by TRX-1-3 »

@mytimac pops bodies. He is a member here and moderator of *this* realm right here. He might be able to help you refine/determine what you need to do to get your mould ready. Not to volunteer him or anything.......he's a busy guy....
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Re: A new body design

Post by Lowgear »

I don't have any experience vacuum forming bodies, but I do know you can't have certain protrusions as once the polycarbonate draws in around them, you aren't going to be able to release the mold. It looks like you'd have to mold your body in 3 separate pieces due to the details. The front and rear would have to be molded facing upright, and the main body can possibly be formed as is. If not, the lips of the roof lines will have to be lessened. This is the way the Parma Hemi 'Vette had to be molded due to a similar design.

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Re: A new body design

Post by RC10th »

Have you looked at the parma 57 chevy?
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Re: A new body design

Post by mytimac »

Hey there.
As was mentioned you have parts of the design that won't currently work well.

You can't have over hangs like the bumper. You don't have to form them as mentioned earlier face up but you would have to make the form into at least 2 parts.
The face up method may be easier though. See this video.
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