The Passing of an RC Legend

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The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by a01butal »

R.I.P. John Thorp 6/30/1924 - 9/3/2012

This is all very interesting!

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Re: The Passing of a RC Legend

Post by GoMachV »

:| RIP
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Re: The Passing of a RC Legend

Post by Romulus-10 »

Today was the passing of my friend John J. Thorp . I got to see him on Saturday, and knew he was ready to leave his earthly form, and maybe meet up with his late wife Helen. I like to think he had an amazing full life and touched many peoples lives with his designs and hard work in the fields of slot and radio controlled cars. I can't think of a better day for his passing then Labor Day. I will always remember John and his ingenious designs and fantastic accomplishments he made in his field. John was always kind to me, and I will miss visiting him. I am very thankful for the time I had documenting his creations, and hearing all his great stories. He will be missed.

Romulus Von Stezelberger
Golden Years RC Museum
The GREAT John J. Thorp
The GREAT John J. Thorp

Charlie don't surf
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Re: The Passing of a RC Legend

Post by Charlie don't surf »

Wow, sad day. Godspeed Mr Thorp-

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Re: The Passing of a RC Legend

Post by Lonestar »

:? R.I.P. John Thorp.
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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend


I think alot of us owe him great amounts of grattiude and admiration.RIP Mr.Thorp !Don

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by jwscab »

RIP Mr. Thorp. Truly a great addition to the hobby.

Chris K
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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by Chris K »

RIP Mr. Thorp, your legacy will live as long as there are r/c cars!
Wherever you go; there you are!

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by WC1982 »

John Thorp, one of the true innovators and pioneers of R/C... variable speed transmissions, trick suspension designs, the best drill-blank tools available. And the legendary Thorp Raceway in Pomona hosted numerous regional, national and world championship events, later to become the Ranch Pit Shop.

RIP John

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by scr8p »

RIP John

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by noony »

RIP Mr. Thorp.

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by Racer_X »

If i9t wasn't for John, off road most likely wouldn't have become what it did. The Tamiya RR and SS had two TERRIBLE problems: the white plastic front spindles and no diff, both corrected by John. Great guy, always had time to talk to a young kid even as he worked in his shop. First time I ever ran a car was at Thorp Raceway. It sucks that people like him are gone from our sport.

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by Dual »

R.I.P. John

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by aeiou »

RIP Mr. Thorp.

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Re: The Passing of an RC Legend

Post by slotcarrod »

Such a sad part of life. God speed Mr Thorp and thanks for the diffs and tools. Still the best tools!

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