Things that I sold, and now regret.

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Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by lowrydesign »

Ive bought and sold quite a bit of stuff in my life, not just rc cars; Pocket bikes, gopeds, mountain bikes, cars.. man the list goes on. But yeah a few of them i wish i had kept. Maybe even some of the rc10s ive sold you guys. I wonder where my purple people eater rc10 i built ended up? Or even the composite craft worlds runner i sold? Any way what have you guys sold over the years that you now regret not having?

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by jcwrks »

I regretted selling my new Fusion graphite tub nearly three years ago to a forum member. I found another one a few months ago, but this time it's nfs. :D

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by 1911Colt »

Last year I would have said my Top CAT, but the buyer saved it for 30-ish years and gave it back with a bonus Storm 2000.

My biggest regret has to be when I gave away a CAT 2000 (including a boat load of parts) and a very nice Losi XX back in the early 2000s. I thought I was "done with RC". :roll:

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by scr8p »

When the wife and I were hopping around from apartment to apartment before buying our house, I got tired of moving all of my RCCA mags. So yeah.... 12-13 complete years of magazines (starting in 1990) went in the dumpster. Then all the vintage r/c started a few years later.

I'd love to have that day back... :roll:

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by RC10th »

Out of all the cars I've sold I wish I'd kept my Custom Works Dominator.
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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by jwscab »

I regret that i sold my 81 firebird. And that we scrapped so many good g body cars, square body Chevy trucks and a '78 trans am, among others. :cry: :oops:🤮

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Dadio »

I got a dream purchase on eBay of an AYK Sidewinder and an AYK Bobcat together , we were short of money and I told the wife I'd break even if I sold one after restoring them , I always wanted a Sidewinder so the Bobcat went , still have the guys phone number ......
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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by GoMachV »

When I was in the hobby the first time and working in the hobby shop I started collecting. A friend of my manager ended up giving me his old collection -rps doggy with the ball diff in the front, a couple srbs with all the rch parts and mip trans, a delta 1/8 pan car, rc500 2wd chain, some delta 1/12 onroad cars, and more I can't remember. When I started getting tired of the hobby I sold off my own stuff but didn't feel right selling his so I gave them back. Fast forward to when I got back in the hobby and when I asked if those cars were still around I was told he tossed em in a dumpster years ago.

The part that makes me feel a little better about it though is that we had a house fire during the time I was not in the hobby and they surely would have burned in the garage. So there is that.
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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by dldiaz »

Excellent condition Mugen Bulldog and YZ-834B DogFighter... and a basically unused Varicom Big Grizzly.

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Lowgear »

Speaking of throwing stuff into a dumpster... My elderly neighbor who I lived next door to for the entirety of the '80s and '90s was huge into R/C airplanes, helicopters, and model ship building. He likely had some car stuff too. His basement was like a hobby shop. The guy was a real jerk though, and mostly blind. Anyway, when he died his sons had a dumpster delivered to the house, and you can guess where the majority of the basement contents went. That night I was going to sneak over and pull everything out but something came up where I couldn't. I assumed the dumpster would be there for a few days but when I woke up the next day it was gone! :x :cry: It still kind of bothers me to this day.

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Retro rc »


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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by mikea96 »

My Dukomo and my 94 YZ10

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Elkcycles »

NIB T-Tech Predator

NiB Kyosho Kart, Proto Sports, Rampage Pro, Mooneyes

MCD Rally V1 Lancer, WRX, Focus, and Peugot cars.
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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Incredible_Serious »

This shouldn't take too long to remember all the things I regret selling..... :(

Real cars:
- Ford Escort Mk2 2-door Rally Pack: Sold when I got married the first time for very little, to buy an auto slush box we could both drive :(
- Mazda RX2 Coupe rally car: Sold for $2500 as a fully kitted out rally car, with all the good gear (brakes, exhaust, LSD). Crappy old Coupe shells with no gear go for $10K+ now.... that car would now be a house deposit :evil:
- Toyota AE86: Sold again for about $2K, because it sat in the drive way slowly rusting after the second marriage, while I drove her auto slushbox. Guy who bought it had the rust fixed, and it's now a beast.

- My original Mini Mustang: Sold to the guy across the road back when I was getting out of RC for $80. A decade later, when I was getting back in again, he didn't know what happened to it :(
- The new built red pan Schumacher Shotgun: Sold to a mate because he 'had to have it' for a discounted price, and then I saw it for sale not long after by someone else, for a much higher price; I guess my friend didn't need to have it that much...
- All the NIP Tekin Active Chassis kits we sold for US$50 and US$75, after getting them from Tekin for US$15 or US$25.... not because I wanted the chassis, but because they now sell for MUCH MUCH MORE :oops:
- The 1:8 scale vintage beasts I found a while back, one of which had a Fiat 131 body... too big for me to keep at the time, but would love to have them now.

I'm sure I'll remember more RC items over the coming days / weeks / months... :lol: :shock:

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Re: Things that I sold, and now regret.

Post by Russ Winn »

I gave away my 6-gear roller to a neighbor kid about 25 years ago, because I wasn't aware of any parts availability....If anything, I wanted a few parts back - Losi bellcrank, solid brass nose tubes, aluminum transmission bearing carrier, and Racemaster delrin 2.0 rims. :(
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