The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

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Re: The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

Post by killerBs75 »

Thanks for the info. I'll try to order up some 3D printed stuff later this year and see how it goes. I figure I'll just wear these tires out then buy a shelf set and then decide on runner tires.

Here's mine. It's a neat little car. I had the same issues as everyone else, the shocks were not great. Also was missing one of the lower spring retainers on the front. I e-mailed Losi and they sent me a whole set, which I managed to rebuild into a full set of perfect condition shocks Both the originals and the replacements weren't really consistently built well. Also picked up some springs in a lot off eBay for a Mini-T, it's a different car with a solid suspension now.

Then the cool Trinity Monster motor finished the look and feel. Feels like an old school racer and a high level kids toy like the original motor. The shaft didn't fit perfect, but I don't think that pinion is going anywhere and I'm not racing it or anything. I guess worst case I shred up the spur gear and revisit later but it seems to be fine.

I'm not going to do much more to it, but it's fun to drive around.

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Re: The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

Post by RogueIV »

Here I go again, doing weird stuff with this chassis. Designed up a scaled down replica of the Composite Craft top plate for the mini JRXT chassis. I had adjusted it to fit my relocated battery hold down but then noticed I had inadvertently made it nearly the same size as a shorty lipo. So behold, a Mini 5link JRX Pro with nearly 8 times the capacity of the stock battery and weighing in at just over 700g.
Special thanks to Jeff from Factory Works for cutting this so fast. I do need to make a few adjustments for the next one as I didn't compensate for where 2 of the original screws were but I am pretty happy with how much stiffness this adds.
Consistency is the key I keep misplacing.

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Re: The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

Post by RogueIV »

I'm embracing the big ass battery idea.
Created some battery hold downs, swapped the 3d printed standoffs for aluminum ones, got some fresh JConcepts tires demounted and put onto a set of my Pro wheels.
Consistency is the key I keep misplacing.

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Re: The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

Post by 1911Colt »

In case anyone missed it, Amain has the JRX2 Mini for $99.

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Re: The ultimate Mini JRX2 thread

Post by Rcforme »

Losi mini Jrx2 re-release

Hi everyone, first post here so please bare with me if I make any mistakes!

I want to address some great things and some not so great so we can continue to help each other and move this model forward for hopefully more upgrades and just appreciation of the vintage appeal.

I got my mini Jrx2 about a month ago and absolutely love it. It is very “old skool” and much fun to drive. The rear mounted motor gives it tons of traction and has a super stable and planted feel, it seems quite heavy which is good for stability.

First off I just put a zip tie around the servo saver, absolutely crucial since it is so light and sloppy.
Secondly the shocks came with minimal oil and need replenishing but working great now with no leaks. The rear springs are very soft so probably room for an upgrade soon.

Fyi it is not water resistant so as I ran it some muddy days on my outdoor track, the underbody stays clean but as I was cleaning it up, even being very careful to not get the receiver/esc wet it still glitch out on me. I let it dry a couple days and it turned out just fine so I got lucky.

This car just looks sexy and slick, the red color is bright and I remove all the decals for a cleaner look with no “tatoos”.

I have ran it enough to wear off the paint or dye on the bottom of the chassis and everything has worked great, really putting it through its paces, such a joy to drive.

“So now to my current issue”

I am not pleased with how they designed the differential/driveline marriage and I can’t really understand how or why this happened: My right side drive screw holding the outdrive to the differential just snapped off for no reason.. The joints are pinned to the outdrive with a roll pin. In order to get to the allen screw you have to remove the roll pin and that, even with all my years of mechanical aptitude is being very difficult to remove, let alone trying to install a new one would be a test.

So now with my right side screw being broken off, the screw is still in the differential and needs to be removed and it seems they have used lots of thread locker so I may have to buy new gears and a new screw or set of screws.

Also my left side bearing is rough and needs replacing so that side needs to come apart too. I will have to buy another bearing or a set of bearings for replacement.

If I am to buy all the replacement parts as sets: diff gears, driveshafts, screws, bearings, this will be quite expensive for what it is! and finding a way to press these tiny pins in and out, this is just too much and shouldn’t be so difficult.

All in all this differential design is the biggest downer and PLEASE will someone get us some upgrades??

Any advice or recommendations on how to press these pins would be much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who is a part of keeping RC alive!!
Just keep having fun!

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