Jsourbeck on ebay

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Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by mikea96 »

Not sure how many people have used Jim aka jsourbeck on Ebay but I had been watching several of his items for quite sometime now waiting to purchase but his ebay store has said closed for vacation. I did a little search on google and saw that he passed away unexpectedly back in August. I have done lots of deals with him over the years and even had some phone conversations. He was an great guy to chat with. RIP Jim

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by Incredible_Serious »

Now that is sad news..... bought stuff off Jim back in the early days, back when eBay and the USPS did not combine to give you a pineapple enema.... great guy to deal with, never a problem, even with those of us down in the colonies.

Indeed, RIP Jim :cry:

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by DaveM »

I'm sorry to hear that, I too have bought parts from Jim.

54 is far too young to die!

RIP Jim.

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by Lonestar »

Oh no... I have chatted and bought parts from Jim since the last millenium... always happy to help and be a good guy...

Rest In Peace Jim - thanks for the help along the years :cry:

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by NomadRacer »

Oh man, I didn't know. Jim was an amazing guy. He'll be surely missed.

RIP Jim.
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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by scr8p »

Yeah.... sad to hear.

I too have had more than a few things in "my ebay" waiting to purchase from him.....

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by a01butal »

Remember that Billy Joel song "Only the good die young" well couldn't be more true in this case for Jim. Many of us probably have personal remembrances about Jim and we will always have a place for him in our memories. R.I.P.

This is all very interesting!

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by jwscab »

Man that sucks. I was hoping this wasn't what you were going to post when I saw the topic. I didn't know him but did buy things from him and always had a super experience. Such a shame.

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by GoMachV »

RIP Jim :(
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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by RC10resto »

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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by Coelacanth »

I bought parts from him, too. Sorry to hear this, RIP jsourbeck.
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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by limestang »

I had corresponded with Jim back on Aug 8. I purchased a Coyote body. I second all of the kind words. He will be missed.

Memorial is posted below - he was only 54.


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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by duckhead »

Sad news indeed...

I did not have the privilege of knowing or talking directly with Jim but I purchased quite a few items over the years and it was a pleasure doing business with him.

Threads like this do make you reflect and think about what a special community it is that we have here. Hug a loved one today and put a smile on your face.


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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by NWarty »

Just saw this. Rest in peace Jim. :(
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Re: Jsourbeck on ebay

Post by dldiaz »

Sad news. I also purchased many things from him.

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